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6 Bottles Wine Service is a monthly wine subscription by the team behind Star Superette, Bar Celeste & La Pêche. Experience a curated six-pack of interesting, delicious and truly unmissable wines, delivered to your door on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

Read on to find out more about what's in the box this month - a perfect selection to celebrate Spring!

More than just a box, through your 6 Bottles membership we'll be breaking down the world of wine and cultivating a lifestyle of joie de vivre together. You'll get special access to wine notes & resources, merchandise and club events.


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Enjoy a curated selection of interesting, delicious and truly unmissable wines. Hone your knowledge and enjoyment of wine culture through the notes. Host your own fancy dinners, celebrate life, share with friends! Register today to receive a BOX_MONTH box full of delectable Spring drops

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Set and forget, every month we’ll do the rest for our special 6 Bottles Wine Service members! Try it out and cancel anytime. FAQs below.

As a member, you'll also gain access to special club events, wine notes and resources for a lifestyle of joie de vivre together!

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When am I charged?
Once you sign up, you’re charged on the 8th of the month just before your delivery (on the 2nd Sunday). And your billing cycle will be this same date every month. You will always be charged before delivery.
When does my delivery arrive?
When you register you will be on the members list for the delivery date displayed on the site at that time. And your delivery cycle will be the 2nd Sunday of every month from then on (or the 3rd Sunday if the 1st of the month lands on a Sunday, thanks for understanding).
What 6 bottles of wine do I get?
When you register your first delivery will be the box displayed on the site at that time. Right now, that’s the September box, which includes the 6 bottles of wine that you can explore here. Always a well balanced box with bubbly, white, orange, rose/light red, and a red. Once you’re a member you will get every monthly box, never missing out on the 6 Bottles Wine Service monthly curated wine list. Check out our Bottle Archive for examples of the wine selections you can look forward to!
Once I’m a member, can i cancel?
After your 1st delivery, feel free to continue or cancel any time by contacting the team SHOP@STARSUPERETTE.COM. You can also request to pause for a time period as well :)
Once I’m charged, can i cancel?
Once you’re charged you’re on the list for the next delivery and can cancel to not be charged again. Or you can contact the team at SHOP@STARSUPERETTE.COM to request payment and refund queries outside of those terms and we’ll see what we can do :)
Are there shipping costs? And where do you ship to?
Free shipping within Auckland. Soon to all of New Zealand so contact the team at SHOP@STARSUPERETTE.COM and let us know where in NZ you’re looking forward to getting 6 Bottles Wine Service soon :)
Where can I send feedback?
Contact the team at SHOP@STARSUPERETTE.COM with any feedback, questions or to edit your subscription. This is a new idea for us, so you’ll see more improvements to the system and the product options coming soon, we’re excited to know how it’s going so get in touch.